WitchTrap is a game developed by three Supinfogame students within 48 hours as part of the Brains Eden Gaming Festival 2014, at Cambridge, UK.

Our main constraint during these two days was to respect the theme of the jam which was “unequal”. So we designed an asymmetric game where the first player is powerfull with some complex inputs, while the second player is weak with some simple controls.

The first player control a stationary core, and can cast spells like meteors, fire and some slowing slime. His goal is to kill the second player with these spells.

The second player is weak but can move and dash to dodge the spells. His goal is to hit the core to destroy it.

During this game jam, I worked with two game artists (Inès Robin & Mickael Verbeke), and I took in charge the design and the programming.

You can try the web version here but you will need a partner.