Gueridon 2015-03-05 00-33-09-48

Guéridon is a horror game made during the 7-day FPS 2014, with 2 game artists(Typhaine Uro & Toki Anholmes).

Guéridon is a horror game where the player has to find the exit of a maze. He is in the dark and he can only see one meter away. So he has to follow the walls and avoid the middle of the rooms if he don’t want be lost in the complete darkness.

Moreover he must be carefull, some monsters are sleeping in the dark. The only help he has is a camera with 7 films. It allows to make 7 flashes, to kill a monster or to see the environnement for a second.

During this jam I did the scripting part and the level design on Unity.

You can give it a try, here.