Call of Cthulhu


Call of Cthulhu is an adventure game based on Chaosium’s pen-and-paper RPG. In Call of Cthulhu the player embody Edward Pierce, an investigator sent on the Island of Darkwater. The player has to find out what happened to Sarah Hawkins, a famous artist.

The player can progress in his investigation thanks to the skills he unlocked, like: Investigation, Forensic Medicine, Athleticism, Occultism, Small Talk, Persuasion… These skills will allows the player to overcome different obstacles, which will change the way he can complete each level.

I’ve been working as a Level Designer on the project for 15 months. During that time I’ve been in charge of many different tasks. The most challenging aspect of the project comes from the many different path that the player can choose. Each action the player can do has an impact on several branches and so it’s important to anticipate every scripted events which may overlap.

As a Level designer I fulfilled the following missions:

  • Script events from simple interactions, to complex puzzles and in-game cutscenes.
  • Design missions according to the narrative objectives.
  • Design and build levels according to the mission design.
  • Design and integrate stealth challenges.
  • Design and integrate puzzles.
  • Work in a close collaboration with: quest designers, writers, cinematic artists & animators.